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The Kitchenette

“ A minimul cake shop resembles a kitchen counter ”

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Program: Shop furniture

Area: 8m²

Completion: July, 2016

The Kitchenette is a minimal cake shop operated by a cooking school for cakes. The project is to design display counters for a variety of cakes and confectioneries, recalling a pleasant experience of childhood to select ones at a traditional sweet shop. The shop is considered to be not only functional for sale but also indicative that the shop is operated by a cooking studio. The whole surface of the counters are, as with common kitchen fixtures, clad with stainless steel. The inner storages are designed to recall professional kitchen drawers, and stainless cooking tools are used as a part of display. These elements aims at creating potential communications between the shop and customers, introducing the range of the company’s services otherwise customers may not know.


The shop consists of two counters facing three sides of passages: the long L-shaped one for displaying sales products and the short one for wrapping works by staffs. The each side of the L-counter is dedicated to fresh cakes and boxed confectioneries. The top surfaces of the counters are entirely covered with grids, which resembles a typical installation for a Japanese traditional sweet shop and encourages customers to create their own gift packages of assorted confectioneries. Wooden infills are designed to match various shapes of confectionery boxes. They are all removable, enabling daily cleaning in the grid cells as well as future replacement for different types of sales presentation.



© Photograph by Hiroyuki Oki

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