Star Kitchen

Star Kitchen is a newly established cooking studio in Ho Chi Minh City with a Japanese founder's wish to introduce Japanese sweet culture into Vietnam. Located on the second floor of a building facing a blind alley, a large renovated window is designed to attract people on the alley as well as capture natural wind and sunlight inside. To maximize the benefit of the natural resources, this limited space is designed as a single open space while flexibly partitioned by two sliding doors when it is necessary.

Completed in 2016.Jul

Program: Cooking studio

Gross floor area: 40m²

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Design: Inrestudio

" Flexible single space to be partitioned off "

The main space of the studio is equipped with a large cooking table in the middle. The one side of the space has a long kitchen counter for lessons, which is covered with mortar plus epoxy resin coating on top and is continuous to a staff kitchen counter beyond a sliding door. Using the sliding door of both sides, the staff kitchen can be either a closed space or an extended space of the studio according to necessities. The sliding door in the studio is covered by a glass plate which is intended to be used as a lesson board.

As the space is situated above one of the most popular restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, sharing the same entrance with it, the construction method must have been considered well. To reduce impacts to the restaurant by noise, smell, waste and carrying-in time of the construction, all partitions are designed to be simple assemblies of prefabricated timber panels, which are to be called large "furnitures" rather than heavy "walls".


© Photograph by Hiroyuki Oki

© Drawing by Inrestudio

The original state was a residential unit separated into two rooms by a bathroom in the middle. To obtain more flexibility, the bathroom was demolished, and instead, three large furnitures were installed. These shelves-cum-partitions introduce soft articulations into the space, creating a reception space and a studio space, a staff area and a new bathroom. Old windows were all replaced for the new ones, which provide more natural light by thinnest frameworks instead of enlarging their areas.