Pizza 4P's

INRE Studio was committed to renovate an auto-repair shop into a pizza restaurant. Instead of common style of glass and steel of the former factory building, the new restaurant has large brick surfaces around. To avoid flat look of today's industrial bricks, those walls are made of specially selected ”over-burnt" bricks, which have unintentionally-made uneven colors piece by piece. Responding to different functions and atmospheres of interior space, large irregular windows are carefully arranged on the walls. These windows lead daylight inside to reduce basic energy consumption as well as create unique composition of illumination to attract people at nighttime.

Under construction

Program: Restaurant

Gross floor area: 550m²

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Design: Inrestudio

" Over-burnt brick gave a savor to the former factory "


© Photograph by Hiroyuki Oki

© Drawing by Inrestudio

Under a tight budget, minimum intervention was adopted to create a variety of spaces. The former showroom and the office above, the most well-equipped area in the original state, were converted into two composed dining halls. The former garage with over seven-meter height provides space for a casual dining hall called atrium. A newly created interior garden keeps proper distance between the two different characters of the dining halls as well as accommodates some other functions, namely waiting seats, kiosk and cashier. With a huge opening, the new reception is set up in the atrium area in order to provide a spectacular view toward pizza ovens on the left-hand, and to create a gradual sequence from the more casual to the more formal dining spaces. Several kitchens are laid out according to the management plan and one of those provides a brand new floor with an entire view of the atrium.