We are architects !

Inrestudio is an architectural group based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
We create spatial design on transversal scales from buildings to gadgets.
Our design is initiated by specificity and aims to obtain universality.


Please Feed Us !

Inrestudio is looking for new projects.
Please tell us about your plan. We blueprint it.
We speak English, Japanese and Vietnamese.


The Proscenium

Now Open !

The Proscenium is a dessert restaurant located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.
Forming into various functions, a stretched steel element was inserted into a 1990's residential building so as to draw sequential attention through the front window.

Pizza 4P's

A renovation project from an auto-repair shop into a restaurant.

Instead of common style of glass and steel of the former factory, the restaurant has large surfaces of "over-burnt" bricks with uneven colors piece by piece.


The Kitchenette

The Kitchenette is a minimal cake shop located in the first Japanese department store in Vietnam. An entire surface of stainless steel grid shows the variety of cakes and confectioneries to encourage customers to make own gift packages.